Continuing Care Assistant Program

About the CCA Registry

The Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) Registry is a list of Certified CCAs and their counterparts in Nova Scotia. The CCA Registry provides the opportunity for Certified CCAs and their counterparts to forge the way for professional recognition and to connect with relevant members of the industry. The CCA Registry’s objectives include gathering input from members to encourage positive change in their role in Nova Scotia. Human resource planning can be used to plan education, recruit appropriate staff, and contribute to a healthy workplace so that residents, clients, and patients are provided with consistent care.  

The CCA Registry is a great step forward for your occupation.
  • Provide input into changes to your occupation
  • Keep informed of changes in your occupation and the health care system
  • Keep informed of education and career opportunities
  • Connect to a group of your peers:
    • An avenue to voice your opinion
    • A step toward a more professional image
    • An opportunity to organize as an occupation

CCA Registry offers the following perks and opportunities to its members:
  • An avenue for Certified CCAs/counterparts to voice their opinion on issues that affect their role in health care
  • Being able to connect with Certified CCAs/counterparts will help to improve the timeliness of information being sent
  • Some of the information could be useful for career planning and continuing education
  • Contribute to group identity for Certified CCAs/counterparts and support feeling connected
  • Step toward a more professional image within the health care system and public
  • Give Certified CCAs/counterparts a tool to organize as an occupation
  • Quarterly Newsletters with contributions from educators, employers, peers, and the health industry
  • Access to occupational surveys and membership to CCA committees and working groups aimed to influence the role of the care provider in Nova Scotia
  • 10% off selected items at Mark’s Work Wearhouse

The annual membership period is from November 1 to October 31. Annual registration is required for membership to the CCA Registry. Renewal notices are sent to members in the month of September. 

For more information or to register, please contact the CCA Registry at (902) 832-8500 ext.282, 1(866) 265-9900, or 

The CCA Registry is also on Facebook! ‘Like’ us today to keep up-to-date with activities and information on the CCA Registry (