Continuing Care Assistant Program

Becoming CCA Certified

To practice as a CCA in Nova Scotia, an individual must be a graduate of the CCA Program delivered by a licensed education provider and have successfully passed the NS CCA Certification Exam. 

The purpose of the CCA Program education is to prepare learners to deliver short or extended periods of assistance and support services to persons in various care settings. The education incorporates theory and practice through the use of classroom, laboratory, and placements. Placements occur in home support agencies who serve Department of Health and Wellness clients, nursing homes/homes for the aged, various acute care facilities, and other approved care settings that employ CCAs. The Program educates and equips graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to deliver appropriate, timely, and respectful person-focused care to individuals requiring continuing care or residential care and their families. 

The education components includes a minimum of 522 theory and lab hours, a minimum of 330 placement hours in approved placement settings, and six external certificates.  A course delivery may occur over 30 weeks to a maximum of 24 months as defined by the educator’s course schedule.  Completion includes all components including the learner’s first exam sitting (or registration for the first available exam). 

All education hours are direct service and class hours. Hours do not include lunch, coffee breaks, or travel time.  The learner is expected to maintain regular attendance and successfully complete the academic requirements including theory, lab, external certificates, and all placement hours. 

On occasion, an individual student may require additional time beyond the course schedule to successfully complete the program; extensions up to 24 months are at the discretion of the education provider. An extension beyond 24 month requires application to the CCA Program Administration.   

There are two distinct education options available for an individual to gain CCA Certification: Classroom Courses and Recognized Prior Learning. Regardless of the education option selected to gain CCA Certification there are specific student expectations and admission requirements. 

Classroom Courses
An individual interested in CCA Certification may apply to take the program through a licensed education provider page.  The CCA Program is normally offered on a full-time basis over a nine month period and occasionally there are part-time deliveries. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the education provider is licensed to deliverer the CCA Program. A list of licensed education providers can be found by clicking the link on the right under the Education folder.

Recognizing Prior Learning (RPL) 
Alternatively, an individual with robust, current experience in the health sector has the option, if eligible, to access the Recognizing Prior Learning (RPL) Program to gain CCA Certification. There are two RPL methods which have additional entry requirements. Visit the Education tab in our main menu to access more information.
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