Continuing Care Assistant Program

CCAPAC Selection Process

The CCA Program Advisory Committee (CCAPAC) includes members from the health care and education sector who bring a variety of expertise to the CCA Program. The committee members have professional backgrounds including care provision, education, and administration, creating a team that is truly beneficial for both the health care sector and the Continuing Care Assistant.
Calls for nomination to the CCAPAC are sent from the Executive Director, Department of Health and Wellness Continuing Care Branch, to appropriate organizations and/or persons. 

Nominees are scored by CCAPAC’s current members using the Member Selection Matrix by applying the information submitted with the nomination.  The CCAPAC then makes its member recommendation to the Department of Health and Wellness, Continuing Care Branch.

Selected nominees are invited to join the CCAPAC for a term of three years.  Current members are welcome to resubmit for consideration of a second term.