Continuing Care Assistant Program

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The Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) Program is governed through the Continuing Care Assistant Program Advisory Committee (CCAPAC) and is the copyrighted property of Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness (DHW). CCA Program License means the CCAPAC, grants the holder of the license permission to use the copyrighted CCA Program Curriculum Standards to educate students to the Standards.  Graduates from licensed education providers who successfully complete all the components of the CCA Program, are eligible candidates to write the DHW CCA Certification Exam.

To gain a CCA Program License the education provider must first successfully participate in the Standards Compliance Assessment (SCA) licensing process. The SCA process ensures the CCA Program (CCA Program Curriculum Standards and supplementary documents) is being delivered consistently throughout the province of Nova Scotia by licensed education providers.

A CCA Program education provider must operate under one of the following: 
  • Nova Scotia Community College Act
  • Nova Scotia Private Career College Act (Certificate of Registration/letter of exemption)
  • Université Sainte-Anne - Collège de l'Acadie Acte
An unlicensed education provider that is interested in delivering the CCA Program must participate in an Information Session and submit a Form of Intent before starting the SCA licensing process. To request an information session, contact CCA Program Administration.

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