Continuing Care Assistant Program

Mentorship Training Program

The Mentorship Training Program was developed to assist employers in providing consistent mentorship experiences for the students and to clarify mentorship expectations. The training was developed in consultation with industry (Acute Care, Nursing Homes/Homes for the Aged and Home Support Agencies) and incorporated feedback from mentors, CCAs and education providers.

Program Introduction
Placements are an integral part of the Continuing Case Assistant (CCA) Program. Mentorship placements count on the availability and willingness of current employees to mentor students.  Industry has identified the need for consistent mentorship training across the province of Nova Scotia in order to support and assist the Mentors with the skills required.

The goals of creating a standardized provincial mentorship program are:

  • To foster the ability of industry to increase the number of mentors available in the system
  • To improve the overall mentorship experience for students and mentors
  • To provide consistent provincial mentorship training including student skills evaluation

On completion of this program, the participant will be able to:
  • Understand the Role of a Mentor
  • Demonstrate Mentor Skills
  • Demonstrate Mentor Accountability

In order to complete the program, the participant must:
  • Complete the Participants Workbook
  • Obtain a pass mark of 75% in the end of workshop quiz