Continuing Care Assistant Program

RPL Phase 1 - PLAR Assessment

PLAR Phase 1 is available through the CCA Website (RPL Program Login) or via disc, and requires the participant have an email address, access to a computer, and the internet. The assessment phase allows a participant to provide evidence of KSAs that meet the CCA Program modules and placements. The assessment does not issue credit for the external certificates which each must be taken through the appropriate managing body. The assessment is a structured, sequential process which relies heavily on the participant to present evidence of their KSAs.  Examples of evidence include, curriculum outlines and transcripts, essays, tests, letters of reference, performance evaluations, case studies, and the Competency Assessment Tool (CAT).

The assessment involves three workshops conducted over three months. The workshops provide the participant with the tools to turn their KSAs into proof of what they know and can demonstrate. Each workshop is broken into four parts.  Each part focuses on how to create or source specific pieces of evidence required for the assessment.  At the end of the second workshop (month two), an individual development plan (IDP) is provided to the participant based on the evidence submitted during workshops one and two. The IDP outlines where the submitted evidence fits and provides the participant with some recommendations on additional types and pieces of evidence which could be used during the assessment to gain credit for learning modules and placements. Workshop three provides the participant guidance to create, source, and/or provided additional evidence as identified on the IDP. At the end of workshop three, all submitted evidence is assessed and applicable credit is recommended to the CCA Program Administration. The CCA Program Administration grants credit for successfully challenged modules and placements and assigns the learning path based on the assessment summary. The learning path issued through PLAR Phase I is valid for one year from the issued date. 

Once a learning path has been assigned the participant is eligible to register for Phase II through the RPL Program, through a sponsoring organization, or s/he may complete the learning path through a licensed education provider. 

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