Continuing Care Assistant Program

RPL Phase 2 - Learning Path

To be eligible to access Phase II requires the participant meet the admission requirements (if not already done so during PLAR Phase I), have robust, currency of skills (3 full-time or 5 part-time years of experience in health care) and a current learning path issued by the CCA Program Advisory Committee (CCAPAC) or delegate. The learning path is issued either by successfully completing PLAR Phase I or by having a formal education diploma/certificate recognized through Course Recognition. 

A learning path identifies all components of the CCA Program not met during the assessment (either PLAR Phase I or Course Recognition). There is a maximum one year time limit from the Phase II registration date to complete all components including registering for the CCA Certification Exam. 

The CCA Program components include:
  • Modules, 
  • External certificates, 
  • Placement hours, 
  • Skills demonstrations including a completed and signed Competency Assessment Tool (CAT)  
  • CCA Certification Exam 

Components of the learning path may be completed through the RPL Program by registering for Phase II using the RPL Phase II Registration Form and submitting the admission requirements. 

The components facilitated by the RPL Navigator during Phase II include the modules, placements and skills demonstrations. The modules are available through self-directed learning and require the participant be computer literate and have access to an email account, computer, and the internet. The placements and skills demonstrations may be arranged by the participant, the RPL Navigator, and/or through the CCA Certification Coordinator, and will depend on what is required. The participant is responsible to obtain and maintain currency of the external certificates independent of the CCA RPL Program. The certificates may be taken at any point during the RPL Process, prior to registering for the Certification Exam. All components identified on the learning path must all be completed (and current) prior to being eligible to write the Certification Exam. 

The participant is issued, via email, a user name and password allowing access to each SDL Module identified on his/her learning path. The participant completes each module, which includes required readings, definitions, assignments, and case studies and forwards to the RPL Navigator for feedback. At the end of each module there is a quiz which the participant must arrange to have proctored.  

The learning path may be completed through a licensed education provider or an employer using the SDLs (sponsoring organization).

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