Continuing Care Assistant Program

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The RPL Program methods (PLAR and SDL) are currently available by logging in below and downloading the applicable documents. Both methods are available via disc if the participant prefers. 

The approved RPL Program participant is issued a user name and password via email to assess the workshops and/or the SDL Modules.  The RPL Phase I workshops and the SLD Modules are also available on disc.

Transitioning the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process to an online format was a project funded by the Adult Education, Department of Labour and Advanced Education (LAE) and involved the RPL Navigators, Prior Learning (PL) Centre, and the CCA Program Administration. The goal of the project was to promote access, control costs, and improve efficiencies in the delivery and administration. 

The Self Directed Learning (SDL) Modules, used during Phase II were transitioned to an online format as a natural evolution in the RPL Program delivery. The goal of this transition was to promote quality, efficiency and integrity of the product and process.

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