Continuing Care Assistant Program

RPL Program Process

The RPL process is a structured, sequential process. Below are detailed steps to successfully gaining CCA Certification with this method. 

Step 1.
Determine which RPL method you are eligible for.  
To determine which method is right for you participate in an information session. 

Step 2.
Determine if you meet the CCA Program minimum admission requirements.
See Student Admission Requirements.

Step 3.
Determine if you meet the RPL Program specific requirements for the method. 
PLAR – You are able to demonstrate currency of skills: have 3-5 years current, robust experience/education in the health care industry. 

Course Recognition – You are able to demonstrate currency of skills and provide a copy of a certificate or diploma that has a CCA Program recognized learning path. 

Email the CCA Program to book an appointment or to seek clarification on the process.

Step 4.
Register for your RPL method with the CCA Program Administration by providing: 
  • A copy of each of the admission requirements (including RPL method specific ones).
  • Completed registration form for the phase.
  • Payment for the Phase (due prior to starting the phase).

Step 5.
Complete all requirements for the RPL Method within timeline.
RPL Phase I (PLAR) Assessment – participants have a three month time frame to complete three workshops. 

RPL Phase II (PLAR & CR) Learning Path – participants have a maximum of one year to complete all modules, external certificates, placements, and skills demonstration.

Step 6.
Registry to write the CCA Certification Exam within one year of starting Phase II.

Step 7.
Pass CCA Certification Exam.

For more information on each Phase use the drop down menu.