Continuing Care Assistant Program

Recognizing Prior Learning

The CCA Program Advisory Committee (CCAPAC) embraces alternate ways to recognize an individual’s prior learning. Recognizing prior learning is a process that helps a person gain ‘recognition’ for their knowledge, skills, and attitudes. 

An education provider may offer an avenue to recognize prior learning.  This is at the education provider’s discretion. The education provider that establishes their own RPL process will have internal policies and procedures governing how they recognize a participant’s prior learning and will adhere to the CCA Program student admission requirements. They will have guidelines identifying the Assessor qualifications; a distribution of parameters that constitutes strong, valid and sufficient evidence; and they will outline under what circumstances prior learning is permitted by a participant. The education provider must ensure the submitted evidence supports the desired credit. 

The education provider is responsible to ensure the student successfully completes all the components required (placements, Competency Assessment Tool, theory, lab and external certificates) prior to register the participant for the exam.