Continuing Care Assistant Program

Recognizing Prior Learning (RPL)

The CCA Program Advisory Committee (CCAPAC) embraces alternate ways to recognize an individual’s prior learning. There are a number of options for an employee to gain CCA Certification. 

Option 1: Recognizing Prior Learning (RPL) Program
The employee is able to access the RPL Program through the CCAPAC. The RPL Program adheres to the CCA Program delivery requirements including admission requirements and delivery requirements. For more information go to Recognizing Prior Learning (RPL) Program.  

Option 2: Sponsoring Organization using Self Directed Learning (SDL) Modules
The sponsoring organization that purchased the rights to use the SDL Modules is able to assist an employee to complete the modules identified on a learning path (Phase II) assigned through one of the RPL methods (PLAR or Course Recognition). 

Option 3: Licensed Education Provider
A licensed education provider may have a process to recognize prior learning and an employee would apply directly with the education provider to have their learning recognized.