Continuing Care Assistant Program

Self-Directed Learning (SDL) Modules

The rights to use the SDL Module are granted by CCA Program Advisory Committee (CCAPAC). The user rights allow the sponsoring organization to deliver the SDL Modules to RPL Program participants with a CCAPAC recognized learning path. Eligible sponsoring organizations (industry) include nursing homes/homes for the aged, home support agencies that provide services to Department of Health and Wellness (DHW) clients, acute care facilities, and/or licensed education providers.  

The SDL Process is copyrighted property and may only be reproduced for registered participants with a CCAPAC recognized learning path seeking CCA Certification.  The sponsoring organization, the SDL Guide and participants are responsible to understand and adhere to the requirements of the SDL Process.  


The SDL Modules are posted on a secure section of the CCA Program website and organizations that purchase the rights to use the SDLs are provided a username and password to access the modules. 

There is a fee to purchase the rights to use the SDL Modules and a per-participant fee which is due upon participant registration. 

  • SDL Module User Rights: $800 + 15% HST = $920.00
  • Medication Module as a standalone: $300 + 15% HST = $345.00
  • Participant Registration: $120. + 15% HST = $138.00

All costs are listed in Canadian dollar currency. Fees are reviewed annually.