Continuing Care Assistant Program

Student Expectations

An integrated delivery is used in the Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) Program education (course), facilitating a connection between the classroom learning and the actual work settings. For a student to progress in the course, s/he is expected to maintain regular attendance in class, lab, and clinical placements. S/he must function as a participant rather than an observer in each component and s/he must pass all the components before being eligible to write the Certification Exam. 

In return, the student can expect to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to meet the Program Outcomes, required to provide quality services to persons in care. S/he can expect the education provider to provide a qualified primary instructor that will instruct, monitor, and encourage him/her throughout all components of the course. 

Upon successful completion of the minimum 522 theory/lab hours, 330 placement hours, six external certificates, and on the recommendation of the primary instructor and placement sites, the student becomes a candidate to write the Certification Exam.