Continuing Care Assistant Program


Exciting news!!! The Department of Health and Wellness is providing funding to support new registrations for the RPL Program for up to 200 participants accepted into the program between March 1, 2020 and March 1, 2021. (View the Department of Health and Wellness Media Release)
The Recognizing Prior Learning process has two phases. The first is an assessment, where the participant shows what they know. The second phase is education, where the participant completes any outstanding training, education modules, or skills demonstration, and writes the certification exam. 

Registration fees for Phase I or Phase II of the RPL Program may be covered to a maximum of $800. 

To qualify the RPL Assistance Program, participants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

(a) Be accepted as a participant in Phase II of the RPL Program prior to March 1, 2021;
(b) Provide a letter from a Nova Scotia continuing care employer indicating that the participant is currently employed there or has been offered employment there; and
(c) Intend to work in Nova Scotia following certification as a CCA, as demonstrated by signing a letter of intent to work as a CCA in the continuing care sector in Nova Scotia upon certification for a period of one year.
(d) Work in one of the zones struggling to recruit and retain CCAs. 

For more information contact Cailleagh Sharples at or Judy Harris at

Registration Forms:

CCA RPL Phase 1 Application Form
CCA RPL Phase 2 Application Form

The purpose of the RPL Assistance Pilot Program is to increase the provincial supply of CCAs by reducing financial barriers to accessing the RPL process. This program is one of several initiatives being undertaken to ensure there is an adequate supply of CCAs in Nova Scotia to meet current and future demands, particularly in areas of greatest human resource need in Continuing Care.